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Ethical and sustainable production

Social compliance, recyclable and biodegradable raw materials. Environmentally friendly production processes and minimum waste.

Packaging & dispatch assurance

No more unexpected delays or missing items. We have everything in-house and use robotic warehousing for efficient inventory management. We do everything in our power to deliver your order on time.

Colour matching systems

Our colour matching is second to none. CMS and automatic colour and chemical dispensing to the production.

In-house production

Efficient production with all processes in-house. Nothing is outsourced, ensuring quality control, stock management and timely, reliable delivery.

Top QA processes

We follow top QA processes, along with certifications like Oekotex, Sadex, and ISO.

Health and Safety

We take additional precautions to protect our clients, adding antibacterial and antiviral finishes on most of our fabrics wherever possible.

Care for the Society and the planet

We feel responsible not just for creating the best quality fabrics, but also for integrity in our business and our commitment to leaving the planet a better place for future generations.

We play it fair and think win-win in all situations. Our factory does not emit any air pollution. Thanks to modern waste minimization practices, all that is released from our factory is clear water.

As an additional precaution to protect you and your customers, we add antibacterial and antiviral finishes on most of our fabrics, wherever possible.


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New velvet types for your pillows filled

New velvet types for your pillows filled

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