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About GM

GM is one of the largest manufacturers of premium quality fabrics for home décor in India. Based in Mumbai, we make jacquard decorative fabrics for drapery, upholstery, wide sheers and embroidery.

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We’ve been in business since 1968 and have grown into a group of companies that provide a wide range of fabrics for homes for all budgets, as well as for the hospitality sector.

Elegant, playful and simply splendid. Our products are carefully designed and curated to speak the language of magic, luxury, dreamlike charm for your home’s interior.

kilometers of fabrics sold every year

retail outlets all around India


Company history

GM was founded in 1968 and quickly established itself as one of the largest purveyors of premium quality fabrics for home décor in India.

Our founding father and visionary is Shri Gurcharan Singh. He was the one who led our family business to the pinnacle of the furnishing industry.

Shri Gurvinder Singh, our Managing Director, has been the driving force behind improving the quality of our production and work satisfaction. He has also garnered a mutually beneficial relationship with customers from all around the world.


With GM, everything happens as it should

We make online shopping convenient. Our deliveries are fast, and the final products you get will always be within the standards of a ‘commercial match’ to the colours you see on the screen and the samples we provide.


Our mission is to turn houses into homes

As a family business, we make fabrics the way we would for ourselves. We always try to think and act win-win with our customers and our employees, maintaining a high level of integrity towards everyone we work with.


Age-old tradition meets state-of-the-art production

Our in-house team works hands on with all the products, making sure that everything is in order. If there is an issue, we make sure to rectify it. We work with clients all around the world and our quality standards are world class.

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We work with over 100 business partners from India to USA, from France to Japan, and thousands of households around the world.

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GM ensures fair wages and no forced or child labour. We give utmost importance to our workers’ health and safety measures. Diversified workforce, zero tolerance to racism, and an employee forum for grievance redressal. We do an annual SMETA Audit to ensure that all norms are intact and verified.

We also ensure that our raw materials are sourced from ethical companies that follow all social norms. Our sourcing is mainly from companies that are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.


We are gradually shifting our focus to green sustainable manufacturing by using eco-friendly yarns — they are recycled, organic and compostable. We are reducing plastic waste in packaging and using reusable packaging so that we keep the environment healthy for people at large. We provide GRS and GOTS certificates to confirm our products use recycled yarns and organic cotton.

We also ensure effluent waste treatment at source and discharge clean water.

In-house production

We believe in delivering top quality, and that can be done by monitoring the processes at all stages of production. With this philosophy, we have set up a vertically integrated manufacturing facility, from product design to yarn preparation to dyeing to weaving to finishing and final inspection.

This gives us greater control over quality and helps to build customer confidence.

Colour matching

Colour is key in fabric. Getting the right recipe in every order requires a precise input of dyes and chemicals. So we use an automated computerised colour matching and dispensing system to ensure optimal results.

There is no manual intervention, which minimizes waste and saves time as there is no need to reformulate colour matching every time.